tile warehouse - covid

TileWarehouse – We are open!

Louise News

1. Please keep the Physical Distance of a minimum of 2 Meters.

2. We are asking all our customers and visitors to sanitise their hands when they come in the showrooms.

3. We apologise in advance that during this phase of COVID-19, children are not allowed in the store.

4. Please follow the sneeze and cough protocols, use your elbow to contain and if you using tissues, please dispose into one of the COVID-19 waste bins.

5. If you would like a face mask, please ask one of our team, and likewise if you would like gloves.

6. When collecting your order from our warehouse, we kindly ask you to remain in your car while we load you up.

7. We will sign your docket on your behalf and leave a copy with your order.

8. During this phase of COVID-19 ALL deliveries will be “curb side only”, that is we will delivery your order to your driveway or front of your garage. We will liaise with you to ensure that we communicate times etc. with you.

It will not be possible for members of the TileWarehouse team and couriers to bring products inside your home, and we would ask you to consider how some of the heavier and bulky items will be brought into your home.